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How many are standing in the Terragotta army.


The First Emperor of China

          Qin Shi Huang lived and ruled over 200,000 years ago as the first Emperor of China. Taking on a new name, as the Emperor of China, he claimed the name of Ying Zheng Tu. He took the throne in 246 B.C at the young age of 13 and was the king of the Chinese State of Qin from 246 BC to 221 BC. Emperor Ying Zheng Tu standardized coins, weights, and measures. After many years Qin Shi Huang created and drew the first version of the Great Wall of China, and he ordered his people to create his vision, he also made many more changes. To ensure stability, Qin Shi Huang outlawed and burned books and buried some scholars alive. Reportedly, he died due to ingesting mercury pills, made by his court physicians. Ironically, these pills were meant to make Qin Shi Huang immortal.


          Ying Zheng Tu ordered 700,000 workers to construct his tomb because he believed upon his death that he would awaken after death, being immortal, which is called after life. - video.

          His tomb contained rivers and streams and were made of mercury flowing to seas through mountains of bronze. Precious stones like pearls are said to represent the sun, moon, and stars. - video

          The tomb was filled with models of places, pavilions, and offices.

         One fact I found most interesting was that one of the first projects the young king accomplished while he was alive was the construction of his own tomb. He ordered 720,000 unpaid laborers to build his tomb to his specifications. The description of the tomb includes replicas of palaces and scenic towers, "rare utensils and wonderful objects", 100 rivers made with mercury, representations of "the heavenly bodies", and crossbows rigged to shoot anyone who tried to break in. The tomb was built at the foot of Li Mountain. Modern archaeologists have located the tomb, and have inserted probes deep into it. The probes revealed abnormally high quantities of mercury, some 100 times the naturally occurring rate, suggesting that some parts of the legend are credible. Secrets were maintained, as most of the workmen who built the tomb were killed.

Another fact was there were about 8,000 life sized clay figures who once stood  in the tomb.

The tomb was also filled with different clay figures like Chariots, war horse's , infantry ,officers, archers.

Many of the clay figures were broken into 200 pieces and you couldn't find one clay figure with arms or fingers.

    If you want to learn more about  the Terragotta army. Click on this link below. I wouldn't want to live in china because Ying Zheng Tu took over as Emperor and killed his workers and many adults and children.   He reigned over the people with evil.
Top 5 Facts
Fact 1.The clay figures are there to protect the emperor's tomb.
Fact 2.The clay figures have different features like hair and facial details.
Fact 3.The figures height and uniforms also varies by rank.
Fact 4.There are over 650 animals apart of the army.
Fact 5.Once told the clay soldiers had once had real weapons.

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